Test 72 (A-B)

Means of travelling. Fill in.

A) by B) on C) in D) out of E) off

How did you get to London? - .

We can't get any more people for the next bus. It's quicker to go foot than to go Excuse me, I have to get at the next station. Since I broke my leg I have to travel bus because I can't get the car. _ plane. , you'll have to wait car there. When your bus arrives you get leave it, you get it. it. If you want to bus. It's much cheaper the car and went into the it. At Bristol 7. I usually go back home then going taxi. 8. Two men with guns got _ shop. 9. When the train arrives you'll get you'll get . 10. Don't wait outside. When a taxi stops for you I'll tell you and you'll get it. 11. I decided not to go car. I went my bike instead. 12. It takes about half an hour to get home my bike and about twenty minutes the bus.

Test 73 (A-B)

Mixture. Fill in.

1. Nancy is good Math. But she is interested sports. A) in B)at C)of 2. Harry isn't bad languages. A) in B)at C) of 3. Are you afraid spiders? A) on B) with C)of 4. Kate is differs her sister. A) with B) from C) of 5. It is very nice you to help us. Thank you very much. A) with B) about C) of 6. It was very kind Mary to lend me some money. A) with B) about C) of 7. I'm sorry not listening to you. A) on B) at C) for 8. I write letters nobody. A) — B) to C) with 9. We waited him till night but he didn't come. A) — B) for C) to 10. Why are you looking me? A) at B) — C) to 11. Everybody should take care nature. A) at B) of C) about 12. I won't go there. Everybody will laugh me. A) at B) with C) to 13. I don't have enough money to pay the meal. A) — B) to C) for 14. Hello, can I speak Jane, please? A) — B) to C) on 15. He got angry and shouted me. A) at B) with C) on 16. The children stopped talking when the teacher entered the room. A) at B) - C) to 17. Did they invite you the party? A) at B) - C) to 18. Cut the meat small pieces before frying it. A) at B) into C) for 19. You cannot start a car kicking it. A) by B) with C) — 20. They are leaving London. A) at B) in C) for 21. Have you ever been Moscow? A) at B) in C) to 22. Why don't you do something instead just talking? A) — B) of C) to 23. This soup tastes soap. A) of B) as C) — 24. I am freedom of speech. A) to B) for C) in 25. I don't believe a word she says. A) — B) to C) in 26. When I found her at last she was blue the cold. A) from B) of C) with 27. "The Prince and the Pauper' is a novel Dickens. A) after B) by C) of 28. Rain is falling heavily A) at B)in the north-west. C) on 29. The frightened horse jumped away. A) above B) through the fence and ran C) over 30. Look up the sky. You can see the North star. A) at B) in C) on