Discuss the following in small groups.

56. Work in pairs. Ask a partner:

57. Discuss with a partner which of these shopping methods you regularly use:

· visiting shops

58. Give a talk on shopping. Remember to discuss:

· why people can’t do without shopping

· whether shopping is more popular with men or women, why

· who does most of the shopping in your family and where

· whether shopping over the Internet will become the main way of buying things in the future, why/why not

Work in pairs or small groups. Discuss the following questions. Sum up your partner’s answers.

1. How long does your weekend last? You always look forward to it, don’t you? Where do you and your family normally spend the weekends? Do you spend your weekends quietly at home or do you prefer to go away for the weekend? Do you think people who stay at home at the weekend manage to relax?

2. How often do you go out? Do you go out on weekdays as often as at the weekend? What is your idea of going out? Why do you prefer to go to parties (to the movies, etc.)?

3. Do you manage to relax at the weekend? Your weekends are very busy sometimes, aren’t they? Do you try to help your family with the housework at the weekend? What odd jobs do you do about the house? Do you manage to catch up with all the jobs you were too busy to do during the week? Do you at least try?

4. Who does the shopping in your family? How often do you go shopping? What is the busiest time for shopping? Do you prefer to go shopping on weekdays or at the weekend? Which do you think is the most convenient time for shopping?

5. Imagine that you’ve got a lot of money. What sort of thing would you like to buy or where would you like to go?


Verb to be (the Present Simple Tense)